Nuestra Lengua

Nuestra lengua

Gustavo Mendez-Liska & Giulio Camagni

The Artwork as a distillation of the impressions that nourished and modelled us – this is a core characteristic of our work. The beginning is an impulse to do: we get started for the sake of doing, lead by the work taking shape in our hands and which, once finished, offers itself to us, naked and proud.

The acknowledgement of the assonance of our works urged us to combine them and set up an exhibition to see how they could actually play together. From the very first moment it became clear to us that the artworks spoke the same language, that a dialog between artworks by different artists was about to take place, and that we were eager to let them talk and to listen to them.

Gustavo Mendez-Liska

1968, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Studied at the Federico Brandt Art Institute in Caracas and the Akademie der Bildende Künste in Vienna. Exhibitions: Galeria Arte 19, Bogotá; Museo Jacobo Borges, Caracas; Galeria Ocho Rosas, Sao Paolo; Gaiarte, Oporto; Artmark Galerie, Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna.

Giulio Camagni

1973, Udine, Italy. Attended the III Liceo Artistico di Milano and studied history at the Università Statale di Milano. Exhibitions: Galleria Gian Ferrari, Milan; Galleria Plurima, Udine; Galerie Artmark, Vienna; Galleria Biasutti & Biasutti, Turin; Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art, Neuchâtel. Lives and works in Vienna.

Paintings by G.Camagni: ash, pigment, acrylic medium on canvas

Sculptures & Paintings by G.Mendez-Liska: mixed technique on wood

Photos by Sabine Hauswirth, Vienna

Location: Atelier Tigergasse


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