HOUSE OF LUDGO | REVIEW | Thursday 07.07.22 | Atelier Tigergasse 14, 1080 Vienna

An art installation product of a binding proposal of interaction with visual artists, musicians & architects, using the installation tools of video, light, image and sound.

Presentation of the project: Juan Muñoz, Gustavo Mendez-Liska
Live Music: Eldis La Rosa | Live Grafic recording: Camilo Melgar
Original drawings: Gustavo Mendez-Liska
3D Installation: Gustavo Mendez-Liska, Juan Muñoz

Dear friends, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to the closing of our interpretative history of The Ludgo House. This time in the wonderful Atelier Tigergasse. The presentation will be in charge of Juan Muñoz (Videographer + Curator), Eldis La Rosa (Musician) and Gustavo Mendez-Liska (Installation).
We would also like to thank all those who made this story an impressive journey, full of kindness, friendship and excellent companionship. Among them: Håkan Lutz, Anna Gathu, Pablo Lembo, Camilo Melgar, among others.
We are welcoming you with all our love and cold beers.

come as you are…

© 2022 Juan Muñoz, Gustavo Mendez-Liska

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